16 Septembre
16:00 CET
Spotlight on Social Bonds
The coronavirus pandemic is a social issue that has brought unprecedented disruption to societies and is impacting the wellbeing of the world’s population. Social investing came to the fore during the pandemic, as the bond market reacted quickly to develop a social solution to the crisis – a solution that delivers both social and financial alpha.

Join us and get an update from Simon Bond, Director of Responsible Investment Portfolio Management, on ‘The RIse of Social Impact’ and doing well by doing good.
Simon Bond Director of Responsible Investment Portfolio Management
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21 Septembre
11:00 CET
Market Outlook – CIO
William Davies Chief Investment Officer, EMEA
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12 Octobre
11:00 CET
Spotlight on UK Equities
Richard Colwell Head of UK EquitiesChris Kinder Portfolio Manager
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7 Septembre
11:00 CET
Spotlight on Pan European Absolute Alpha
Frédéric Jeanmaire Portfolio Manager

Paul Doyle Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

Francis Ellison Client Portfolio Manager
29 June
11:00 CET
Stealing the show: Spotlight on Global Equities
Covid 19, valuation, inflation, style…how can we continue to achieve sustainable returns and growth?

David Dudding, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Andrew Harvie, Client Portfolio Manager, will explore these questions and touch on global equity markets, our investment team and the proven strategy behind Threadneedle (Lux) Global Focus
David Dudding, Senior Portfolio Manager

Andrew Harvie, Client Portfolio Manager
15 June
11:00 CET
Decarbonising portfolios: aligning net zero pathways in corporate credit portfolios
As governments set new targets for carbon reduction, institutional investors are following suit in developing their own active carbon reduction strategies. We believe fixed income investing plays a vital role in this process. This webinar will touch on the decarbonisation of credit portfolios in order to meet climate targets, the implications for managing your fixed income portfolios and the implications these new strategies will have for meeting long-term decarbonisation objectives.
Tammie Tang, Senior Portfolio Manager
27 May
17:00 CET
Spotlight on Global Technology
There continues to be significant upside in technology stocks. Fundamentals in the tech industry remain exceptionally good, and we continue to find many attractively valued companies. Semiconductor shortages combined with continued strong demand is creating an ideal environment for the global semiconductor industry. In a sector where there continues to be significant volatility, it is more important than ever to focus on investing in attractively valued companies with sustainable growth potential.
Paul Wick, Portfolio Manager
25 May
11:00 CET
Spotlight on US Equities
An effective vaccine rollout programme and additional rounds of stimulus in the US have combined to produce a much brighter outlook for the US economy this year. Given the amount of stimulus deployed, consumer savings are in much better shape coming out of this recession than in prior episodes and this latent spending power is ready to be deployed and power the recovery as the consumer re-enters the marketplace. The Biden Administration has signalled its intent to push ahead with many signature pieces of legislation – most recently the infrastructure bill – while the Fed have committed to ultra-easy monetary policy for the foreseeable future.

Against this constructive backdrop, our bottom-up fundamental approach with an emphasis on stock selection has already demonstrated its ability to add value for clients, delivering index-beating returns from a relatively neutral sector and style posture.
Nicolas Janvier, Head of US Equities, EMEA
11 May
11:00 CET
Spotlight on Asia ex Japan Equities
George Gosden, Portfolio Manager
4 May
11:00 CET
Sustainability in a post COVID world
Institutional investors are facing increasing government, regulatory, and member demand to invest sustainably. Sustainable investments were typically focussed on the environment and climate change mitigation strategies; but, although carbon-friendly assets are pivotal, investors are missing out on potential returns generated by other sustainable themes.

This webinar will focus on three key themes: climate transition, social inequality and health & wellbeing. The team will provide their perspectives on each theme and ask how this can help investors achieve superior returns while making the shift towards sustainability in a post-Covid world.
Pauline Grange, Portfolio Manager
27 April
11:00 CET
CIO market update
A year ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading around the world, we discussed how markets would react and the impact lockdowns would have on the global economy. The forecast was pretty accurate. However, helped by the efficacy of the vaccines and Fed stimulus, the recovery time frame has shortened and has brought with it an optimism which has caused markets to reflect this accelerated recovery.

So what does this now mean for markets? Will rising US Treasury yields be a permanent feature because we see inflation persisting or is it temporary? What do different levels of stimulus and speed of vaccination campaigns mean for Europe and US? Will a rotation into cyclical stocks persist? Which structural trends have been accelerated by the pandemic?
William Davies, Chief Investment Officer, EMEA
22 April
11:00 CET
Spotlight on Commodities
In recent months Commodities have enjoyed something of a renaissance. Join Head of Commodities, David Donora, to hear why climate change, electrification, de-carbonisation and evolving regulation could act as tailwinds for commodity markets in the coming years and how we plan to take advantage of these trends.
David Donora, Portfolio Manager
20 April
11:00 CET
Spotlight on Pan European / European Smaller Companies
2020 was a tough year for us all – but not without investment opportunities, with our small cap funds ending well ahead of benchmark indices. But what will 2021 bring? Valuations of some stocks in healthcare and technology have become stretched… Is it right to look at some of the cheaper stocks, where a post-virus recovery may boost returns?
Phil Dicken, Head of European Equities

Mine Tezgul, Portfolio Manager

Francis Ellison, Client Portfolio Manager