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26 mai 2023

John G. McColley

Portfolio Manager

Managing cash amid another US debt-ceiling showdown

We look at the showdown in the US over the debt limit, what this might mean for cash portfolios, and the expectation of resolution – albeit with a big wildcard
Read time - 5 min
25 mai 2023

Tom Southon

Senior Analyst, High Yield

Euro high yield default rates forecast – mostly benign with an undercurrent

However, we still expect default rates to move higher as the 2025/26 maturity wall draws closer.
Read time - 2 min
24 mai 2023

Investment implications: the US Inflation Reduction Act is a wake-up call for the EU

The US IRA and the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan share many common themes, but what are the investment implications as the two go head-to-head, and what China might do in response?
Read time - 5 min